Reverend Mark E. Heiner, Pastor

Greetings and welcome to First Baptist Church family in Moon Township, Pennsylvania!

 Resurrection Faith Rewarded!

 "THE SHIELD Of FAITH"          Eph. 5: 16

     Only a few days into this year. Gennan billionaire Adolf Merckle threw himself in front of a speeding train after his business empire. which included interests ranging from Volkswagen cars to pharmaceuticals to cement. ran into trouble in the global financial crisis. The 74-year-old' s body was found Monday night. January 5. 2009 on the railway tracks at Blaubeuren in southwestern Gennany. His family. which had reported Merckle missing after he failed to return home Monday. issued a brief statement saying he took his own life.

     In the ancient Greek world the warrior who lost his sword or spear in battle was acquitted. but he who threw away his shield was severely punished. The reason is by doing so he either displayed an unworthy cowardice or a contempt of danger or a despair either of which ill became a true soldier. Nothing was to be preserved with such care as the shield. Like the modem standard. it was to be fought for to the death; and it was regarded as a great honor for the warrior to be borne back home after being fatally wounded in battle upon the shield that had been braced to his own arm when he went out into battle.

So "faith" must be preserved at all costs and amid all hazards. 

    "These are the times that try men's souls" were the opening words of a pamphlet written by Thomas Paine attempting to stir up revolutionary spirit in the colonies in late 1776 and he adds. "The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot may. in this crisis. shrink from the service of his country: but he that stands it now deserves the love and thanks of man and woman." Only faith in a risen Christ can enable us to stand our ground and fight the good fight of faith and "lay hold of eternal life. "