Winter 2019 Series

"Ecclesiastes:  A Christ - Shaped Vacuum"

Almost 3000 years ago,  King Solomon spoke of the human dilemma:  we seek and long for some experience that will impart  a sense of genuine meaning to life only to be disappointed shortly after achieving it.  Solomon takes us on a mental journey through his life showing us how he tried, tested, or tasted of life's many privileges and pleasures only to come up empty after each one.  How could this have been true of the man God blessed with superior wisdom and material wealth to any human being who ever lived?  All of his observations are recorded as a means of reminding us that only in Jesus Christ can true meaning, purpose and lasting fulfillment be found.  Only in the bright light of eternity can knowledge, relationships, work, and pleasure deliver soul satisfaction.

Reverend Mark E. Heiner, Pastor

Greetings and welcome to First Baptist Church family in Moon Township, Pennsylvania!

     Whether you are just visiting the area and searching for a place to worship this coming Sunday, or you are looking for a permanent church home,  I cordially invite you to check us out.

     In the interest of respecting your time, allow me to sum up our defining convictions in two brief statements: first, we believe that man - made in the image of God, has a definite purpose in this world and that purpose no matter who you are begins with a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. A sound philosophy of life is not the product of endless introspection or speculation, but results when we honestly examine the reality of the cross of Jesus Christ where God cleared a path for everyone and everything to come to Him. The way anyone comes is by renouncing all pride and pretense and instead humbly placing a personal faith unreservedly in the merits of Jesus Christ.

     Secondly, we believe that Jesus Christ rose from the dead, lives today and will come again to gather together his elect completing our salvation. Meanwhile, He calls us not to a life of leisure or luxury but to self-sacrifice and service in defense “of the faith once for all delivered to the saints.” At First Baptist we are committed not simply to “being fed” but to feeding others with Him who said, “I am the bread of Life.” The Gospel of Jesus Christ is not only deep and worthy of contemplation, it is also intensely practical. Whether we are privileged to work with children and youth, or career and retired persons we strive to show the connection between belief and behavior. It works like this, if you have “tasted and seen that the Lord is good,” you will naturally be compelled to invite others to the table.

     Finally, I would be remiss without saying that God loves you. Today, Jesus Christ stands at the door of your heart knocking as he seeks admission. If you have opened the door you have found the sweet communion of His company, praise God. If you have never opened the door, I urge you to do so now and Christ will enter and remain with you and in you forever.

Hoping to see you sometime soon,

Pastor Mark Heiner