Third Quarter 2017 Sunday School Curriculum


ELEMENTARY CLASS   Location:  Elementary Classroom       Teacher: Dorothy Drumheller

September:  God gives us family   Love

October:  God gives us friends   Friendliness

November:  God gives us the church

UPPER ELEMENTARY CLASS            Location:  Youth Room              Teacher:  Tracy Guzzo

September: The value of OBEDIENCE - Fall Lessons will begin with the Israelites' experiences after they ask for a King, Saul's disobedience and David's path to become a King.

October: The value of DEDICATION -. David's adventures as he becomes King and leads his people.

November:  The value of FAITHFULNESS - The study of SOLOMON as he takes the reins of his country, practices wisdom, and is compromised by worshipping idols. 1 Kings and 2 Chronicles.

MIDDLE & SENIOR HIGH CLASS       Location:  Youth Room                 Teacher:  Carol Rose

Teachings from the Old Testament

September: - How to deal with both Good and Bad choices, highlighting the value of GOD-SEEKING.

October:  - How to take a stand for God.

November:  Investigating Consequences and Hope. Emphasizing the value of CONFIDENCE.


CORNERSTONE CLASS        Location:  Fellowship Hall                        Teacher: Vernice Vance

September 3 – 17, 2017   Studying I, II, & 3rd John

September 24, and forward:  David C. Cook Adult Sunday School Book.  (Lesson 4-A Change of Heart)

GIFTS CLASS                    Location:  Library                Teachers: Kathy Tatala and Janet Oellig

This quarter’s study considers how God covenants with people.

September: Study of the four signs of God’s covenant, the rainbow, circumcision, the Sabbath, and the spirit-filled heart.

October: Consideration of God’s partnership with people who respond and agree to obey his voice.  This is found in His covenants with Abraham, Moses, and David.

November:  Focusing on the divine promises made to Israel through the prophet Jeremiah, leading into the Advent season and God’s covenant with man through Jesus Christ.

Second Quarter 2017 Sunday School Curriculum


ELEMENTARY CLASS   Location:  Elementary Classroom       Teacher: Dorothy Drumheller

June:  God Takes Care of Us   Trust

July:    God Wants Us to Care for Others   Kindness

August:  Jesus cares for Everyone   Confidence

UPPER ELEMENTARY CLASS         Location:  Youth Room           Teacher:  Tracy Guzzo

In June students will learn the value of Holiness by studying several of the Ten Commandments and Jesus' application of them.

July brings the question WHO GOD IS? This answer will be found through the studies of

Isaiah, Luke, Acts and1 and 2 Timothy. This shows Gods work of redemption in people

and the value of Joy.

In August students will explore the principles of getting along with others and in society. Teaching them about living out our Faith and the value of self-control.

MIDDLE & SENIOR HIGH CLASS   Location:  Youth Room              Teacher:  Carol Rose

Rules to Live By. With studying the Old and New Testaments dealing with the Ten Commandments and their applications this will show the value of Honesty.

July's lessons on WHO GOD IS will be found from Exodus and the New Testament on Jesus' life-changing power and the value of Mercy.

In August students will investigate what they can learn from the New Testament in living OUT OUR FAITH by getting along with others and the value of Self-Control



CORNERSTONE CLASS        Location:  Fellowship Hall                        Teacher: Sheri Shick

Will End the study of the Minor Prophets in the Old Testament and will begin the study 1, 2 & 3 John in the New Testament during the summer months.

GIFTS CLASS                    Location:  Library          Teachers: Kathy Tatala and Janet Oellig

The theme of our summer study, based on the International Sunday School Lessons, is “God’s Urgent Call”.  God calls ordinary people from diverse backgrounds to make a difference.  In June, we will study from the book of Judges.  God raised up a series of national leaders to deliver the people of Israel from their enemies.  In July, we will see how God called various prophets at different times for specific purposes.  For the month of August, we move to the New Testament to look at how God continued to call and work through ordinary people in the early church.


First Quarter 2017 Sunday School Curriculum



Location:  Elementary Classroom    Teacher: Dorothy Drumheller

March:   LOVE   - Jesus Shows His Love:   Children will learn about trust, love and power throught the stories of Jesus.   Scripture Matthew, Luke, John

April:  CONCERN  - Jesus’ Friends Show His Love:  This lesson teaches the children about Jesus’ death and resurrection  plus stories from the early church.  Scripture:  Matthew,  Luke and Acts.

May: FRIENDLINESS - Jesus’ Friends Help Others:  Continued study of the early church.  Scripture:  Acts and 2 Timoth


Location:  Youth Room        Teacher:  Tracy Guzzo

March's lessons will be about the Final Days of Jesus.  April shows How Jesus conquers Death.

May is about How Believers Live.


Location:  Youth room.            Teacher:  Carol Rose

March studies from the books of Hebrews and Acts will show the value of Discipleship. April's lessons are about Jesus's Resurrection and the value of Thankfulness. May’s studies from the book of Act's, about the early church, shows the value of Joy.