Moderator:  William Diuamond
  • The Moderator of the church shall preside at all regular and special meetings of the church.
Church Clerk /Maintenance Financial Secretary:  Judy Hays
Financial/Building Fund Secretary -Historian:  Janet Oellig
Treasurer - Chris Guzzo
Secretary of Sunday School - Teena Louchart
Missions Fund  - Pat Gialdella
Hospitality Committee:
Jamie Diamond  and all who volunteer their services.
Plans and coordinates the food portion of scheduled events that involve the entire church family. 
The Music Committee shall be responsible for:
1.   Recruiting an organist or choir director as needed.
2.  Assisting the choir director/organist in deciding what musical
programs to recommend for the church.
3.  Helping to organize promote chosen musical programs.
4.  Assisting the Choir Director in planning the annual music budget
to be submitted to the Budget Committee.
  • The choir is comprised of men & women who enjoy praising God through music.
  • Rehearsals: Thursday (7 - 8 PM) utilizing various pieces of music for the upcoming weeks.
  • Each Sunday the choir presents at least one musical offering during the worship service.
We understand that not everyone can be at every rehearsal, so please don't let that be a deterrent from joining us. Two months each year rehearsals are lengthened (6:30 - 8 PM) due to Christmas & Easter musical selections.We invite anyone interested in singing with the choir to join us, and if you have any questions, contact  Jim & Peggy Fryer
Music Committee:    Peggy Fryer, Jim Fryer, Janet Oellig